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Manufacturing Obscurity Is a Fate Worse Than the Robopocalypse

August 14, 2019

Via: Industry Week

No country is even close to America when it comes to churning out cinematic thrillers depicting the robot apocalypse, introducing a steady supply of cyborgs, replicants, androids. Making actual industrial robots—the ones that perform our boring, repetitive tasks in factories […]

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Choosing Between Cobots and Industrial Robots

August 11, 2017

Via: Automation World

As much as collaborative robots (cobots)—which are designed to share a workspace with humans—have been a game-changing force automation over the past few years, industrial robots have certainly held their own, as evidenced by the most recent Robotics Industries Association report. […]

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Evidence That Robots Are Winning the Race for American Jobs

March 29, 2017

Via: The New York Times

Who is winning the race for jobs between robots and humans? Last year, two leading economists described a future in which humans come out ahead. But now they’ve declared a different winner: the robots. The industry most affected by automation […]

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ABB sells its first ever robot manufactured in the US to Hitachi Powdered Metals USA

March 14, 2017

Via: PR Newswire

ABB has sold its first robot manufactured in the United States. The IRB 2600 robot is the first to be produced at the ABB Auburn Hills, Michigan facility, and was sold by ABB Value Provider, CIM SYSTEMS, INC. to Hitachi […]