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Smart Robots Empower Warehouse Teams In Labor Shortage

November 1, 2022

Via: Industry Today

Robots continue helping humans with everything from leisure to work activities – from playing music and delivering food to picking and packing inventory in distribution centers. As growing labor shortages, volatile lead times, global supply chain challenges and rising costs […]


Labor Shortage Needs New Approach to Worker Retention

June 21, 2022

Via: Industry Today

By Shannon Gabriel, Managing Director, Leadership Solutions Practice, TBM Consulting The assembly line was experiencing 65% turnover, a problem so severe that long-time veterans of the plant were reluctant to train new people. Why bother if new employees would exit […]

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How Will Labor Shortages Impact Metal Fabrication in 2022?

March 7, 2022

Via: Manufacturing Tomorrow

Today’s society faces skills shortages in many essential areas, and metal fabrication is one of them. The reasons are not easy to pinpoint. One issue is that many experienced workers are close to retirement age, and there are not enough […]

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Using Technology to Combat the Skilled Labor Shortage

February 22, 2022

Via: Manufacturing Tomorrow

The labor shortage issue has been around for years. As the previous generation of skilled laborers retires, the next wave of laborers entering the workforce is not nearly of the same scale. To further add to the problem, manufacturing is […]