image credit: Pxhere

Need the Perfect Medical Device or a New Bone? Try 3D Printing

August 30, 2021

From hearing aids to customized prosthetics and face shields, 3D printing has changed the medical industry for the better. Not only is 3D printing accelerating the development of medical devices, but additive manufacturing has also enabled the customization of medical devices and products for patients.

3D Printing Disrupts the Medical Industry

According to the report from ResearchAndMarkets, Medical Devices 2021: Market Opportunities for 3D Printed Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Audiology Devices, 3D printing is beginning to show true signs of disruption within the healthcare industry across different fields. 3D Printing allows for greater levels of digitization, customization, and automation. This all leads to improved patient outcomes. Another benefit of the disruption is greater innovation and cost reduction for device OEMs and healthcare providers.

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