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Nanoscope Awarded Key U.S. Patent Protecting its Multi-Characteristic Opsin Gene Therapy Platform For Reversing Blindness

January 10, 2022

Nanoscope Therapeutics Inc, a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing optogenetic gene therapies for retinal degenerative diseases, today announced that Nanoscope has been awarded U.S. patent 11,180,537 covering its Multi-Characteristic Opsin (MCO) optogenetic gene therapy platform for restoring vision. This award bolsters Nanoscope’s existing intellectual property position on composition and methods for the MCO therapeutics in Australia (AU2017372351) and Japan (JP6779546).

“This foundational patent with protection through 2037 is another milestone for Nanoscope and our efforts to bring the hope of light to people suffering from retinal diseases by enabling them to see again and regain their quality of life,” said Sulagna Battacharya, CEO of Nanoscope.

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