image credit: Pixabay

VRM Switzerland and Airbus Helicopters Work Together to Qualify Under EASA Regulations the World’s 1st H125 VR Simulator

EASA, VRM Switzerland and Airbus Helicopters have officially opened the door to new standards in helicopter pilot training by qualifying an Airbus Helicopters H125 flight training device (FTD) Level 3 with Virtual Reality (VR) technology at Helitrans in Norway. This training device is approved by Airbus Helicopters and meets FTD Level 3 requirements. It will be used for pilot training and will provide training credits.

Simulation for flight safety

The H125 virtual reality simulator is a brand new approach to training that uses virtual reality technology to make training not only more affordable for operators, but also provides a level of ‘realness’ allowing them to feel like they’re in a real H125 in all phases of flight and during emergency situations.

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