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Chinese manufacturers taking the lead in COVID-19 recovery, followed by Europe and the US

July 7, 2020


7th June 2020 – As the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the globe and governments take different approaches to tackling the virus, Ease, a leading provider of mobile audit and insights software for manufacturers, has today released exclusive findings, using its own plant floor insights to monitor manufacturing activity across different countries since the COVID-19 outbreak.

The manufacturing industry, and the global supply chains that support it, have been the hardest hit throughout the crisis. Certain sectors, such as consumables and other packaged goods, have seen an upswing in activity in recent months. In contrast, other industries, including aerospace and automotive manufacturers and their associated suppliers have seen a marked decline. What makes the COVID-19 pandemic so influential is the sheer breadth and scale of the potential impact, and those that rely on supplies from critically impacted countries have been hit especially hard.

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