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Remember the CRRC Boston Rail Car Project? It’s Shaping Up to be Quite the Boondoggle

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) is accusing the Chinese state-owned enterprise (SOE) it hired nearly nine years ago to build new rail cars for its public transportation system of abandoning “its core responsibility and commitment to lead, monitor, mentor, and support quality management” on the project, noting it “remains greatly concerned that the situation will only degrade further.”

Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi obtained a copy of a letter sent from MBTA Deputy Director Mark DeVitto to CRRC MA Corporation Project Director Xianyi Jiang on Dec. 22 outlining 16 “significant lapses in overall quality management for the Red and Orange Line project,” including everything from “chronic workmanship quality issues with electrical assembly work, wire crimping, wire terminations” to “failure to respond to many letters from MBTA for quality related issues/concerns.”

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