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The Age of 5G Manufacturing

February 27, 2020

Via: Manufacturing Tomorrow

Smarter sensors are gathering data and are able to transmit bigger amounts at faster speeds. Also, as sensors and devices are getting more intelligent, they can be programmed to make decisions on the spot (Edge Computing) vs. sending data to […]

Process, R & D

ZTE and China Telecom launch 5G manufacturing solution with Bluetron

October 11, 2019

Via: Manufacturing Global

The venture puts 5G slicing, edge computing and smart manufacturing into trial at Bluetron to meet the data requirements of industrial production. Chen Xinyu, General Manager of ZTE Telecom Cloud & Core Network product line, commented: “Committed to continuous technological […]

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Ericsson says to invest in 5G manufacturing in Poland

August 29, 2019

Via: Reuters

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Telecom gear maker Ericsson will increase production and invest further in its Tczew plant in Poland in preparation for the ramp up of next generation 5G mobile network across Europe, it said in a statement. The firm’s […]