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Study finds electric vehicles provide lower carbon emissions through additional channels

December 21, 2021


With new major spending packages investing billions of dollars in electric vehicles in the U.S., some analysts have raised concerns over how green the electric vehicle industry actually is, focusing particularly on indirect emissions caused within the supply chains of […]

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New Fuel-Efficiency Standards Risk Splitting Groups

August 2, 2021

Via: The Wall Street Journal

The Biden administration is expected to announce stricter fuel-efficiency standards for new cars and light trucks as early as this week, fulfilling a pledge to reset tailpipe-emission limits eased by former President Donald Trump. The new standards are expected to […]

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Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicles

July 13, 2020

Via: Industry Today

Trying to decide if an electric vehicle is the right choice for you takes some understanding about what you’re getting into before you take the leap. Like most things, you have to decide if the pros outweigh the cons. The […]