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Union Leaders to President Biden: Don’t Cut the China Tariffs

June 8, 2022

Via: Alliance for American Manufacturing

Earlier this week Axios reported on a letter sent to the United States Trade Representative by a bunch of labor union leaders, with a simple message: The Biden administration shouldn’t cut tariffs on China. This is a story that’s bubbling […]


Congress Shouldn’t Weaken China Tariffs in a Bill Meant to Counter Chinese Economic Policy

April 29, 2022

Via: Alliance for American Manufacturing

It’s getting close now: The conferees from the House and Senate will soon meet to resolve differences in the industrial policy bill, versions of which both chambers passed. The bills aren’t exactly the same – that’s why there’s a conference […]

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Trump tariffs leave medical device companies in the dark

May 31, 2018

Via: Mass Device

U.S. medical device industry representatives, for now, appear to be taking a wait and see approach as President Donald Trump’s administration wrangles over trade policy and threatens tariffs against China. The status of China tariffs on medical devices is unknown […]