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Why Manufacturers Should Have MOM/MES

September 12, 2018

Via: Aberdeen

Manufacturers today are under significant pressure to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. Over half of manufacturers (55%) say that too many operational inefficiencies (e.g., waste, delays, false starts, rework) are a burden on their organization. Forty-five percent of manufacturers […]

Logistics, Process

Reimagining the digital supply chain to support customer centricity

April 17, 2017

Via: Manufacturing Matters

Given all the attention to the supply chain over the past two decades, one might think all available efficiencies have already been found. But in the digital world, anything that looks like it’s just about to settle into a mature […]

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How cloud creates a more agile pharma business

February 22, 2017

Via: Manufacturing Matters

Attitudes toward cloud computing have undergone a fundamental transformation. While initially viewed as an effective new way to save on capital investment and ongoing management, this on-demand model is increasingly adopted for its inherent flexibility. This is particularly relevant for […]