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Managing the Rising Issue of VOCs in Modern Manufacturing

October 12, 2022

Via: Manufacturing Tomorrow

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are gases that come from particular solids or liquids. The VOCs can cause short- and long-term health issues when inhaled. Given the industrial nature of their operations, modern manufacturing plants, and the activities performed there, […]

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Modern Manufacturing

September 30, 2020

Via: Industry Today

The eighth annual Manufacturing Day is upcoming on October 2nd. This highly popular initiative to educate students and prospective employees about careers in modern manufacturing is sponsored by the Manufacturing Institute and founding partner, the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association (FMA). […]

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New online learning platform on modern manufacturing

July 8, 2020

Via: Manufacturing Tomorrow

In response to the industry’s hunger for information on technology that can pull them out of the post-pandemic productivity lull, automation equipment supplier EU Automation, has pooled all its resources into a new, free, online Knowledge Hub. At the click […]

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Made in America – Automating for Growth

February 3, 2020

Via: Manufacturing Tomorrow

Manufacturing jobs have increased by 36,000 since President Trump’s election — that’s according to figures released by the White House. As a focal point for several political campaigns, ‘Made in America’ has become a recurring strapline, promoting the use of […]

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$765bn of infrastructure projects to be delivered through digital manufacturing in next 10 years

December 3, 2018

Via: Manufacturing Global

It is hoped that the funds will allow the infrastructure projects to be delivered through the use of digital manufacturing techniques. The government stated: “Applying modern manufacturing approaches to building projects can boost productivity and reduce waste by as much […]

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FABTECH Tracking the Rising Trend of Women in Manufacturing

October 4, 2018

Via: Quality Magazine

The metal fabrication and manufacturing industry has adjusted in recent years to meet the demands of an evolving global economy, impacted by social, political, economic and technological advancements that effect all aspects of the industry. In changing times and in […]

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Industry 4.0 has encourage CNC growth in the Motorsport industry

June 14, 2018

Via: Manufacturing Global

CNC machining is enjoying its fastest ever rise in use and popularity in order to meet modern manufacturing needs. Manufacturing Global finds out how the world of motorsport is contributing to this trend. With the internet of things leading the […]

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Bridging the Gap for Skilled Workers in Modern Manufacturing

September 27, 2017

Via: Industry Week

Over the last two decades, the manufacturing industry has accelerated its evolution significantly to meet the growing demands of global customers. That is true of the aerospace industry, and it’s certainly true for Pratt & Whitney. To produce the world’s […]