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Truck, SUV drivers want better fuel economy, CR survey finds

August 26, 2019

Via: Automotive News

Since 1999, truck-based SUVs have improved fuel economy by 43 percent, the EPA study said, and pickups improved by 18 percent in that period. Nearly three-quarters of large pickup and SUV owners in the U.S. are interested in buying a […]

Industry Focus Areas, Motorized Vehicle

What Tesla did for luxury cars, Rivian wants to do for pickups

November 26, 2018

Via: Reuters

Not everyone is so sanguine. R.J. Scaringe, Rivian’s 35-year-old CEO, said he and his financial backers believe that demand for electric pickups is “massively underserved.” Rivian intends to begin selling its R1T, the pickup it will debut in Los Angeles, […]