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Designer Spotlight: Chevrolet Embraces Young Female Designers

October 12, 2017

Via: Forbes

Designer Spotlight is a regular column focusing on style/design and the professional woman. Car design has traditionally been a man’s domain. No longer true. More and more, automotive companies are evolving the industry stereotype. GM’s Chevrolet is a pioneer in […]

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The Challenges and Opportunities of OT & IT Integration

October 11, 2017

Via: Aberdeen Essentials

The convergence of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) is one of the key mantras of smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0. OT typically refers to the control and automation technologies supporting physical equipment and processes, and was once intentionally […]

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Burns & McDonnell Completes Expanded Power Asset Testing and Research Lab

September 22, 2017

Via: PR Newswire

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Sept. 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Today’s demand for a smarter and more resilient power grid requires a leap forward in planning, analysis and assessment of everything from load flows, and reliability to operational efficiency, standards compliance and […]

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Foxconn and Rockwell Automation Announce Partnership to Implement Industry-Leading IIoT Solutions

September 14, 2017

Via: Industry Week

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., also known as Foxconn, and Rockwell Automation announced today that they are collaborating to implement Connected Enterprise and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) concepts for smart manufacturing in Foxconn’s new U.S. facilities. The companies […]

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Manufacturing’s New Digital Divide

August 31, 2017

Via: Industry Week

There’s a growing divide in manufacturing between Digital Profit Leaders — those leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) for higher profits now — and Digital Profit Laggards, who are stuck somewhere back in the 20th century. Which side are you […]

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HP, Deloitte Team Up to Transform Manufacturing

August 25, 2017

Via: Industry Week

PALO ALTO, California — England and Portugal established their alliance back in 1373, 644 years ago, the oldest alliance anywhere around the globe still in force. If the alliance formally announced Thursday by HP Inc. and Deloitte lasts anywhere near […]

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Rockwell Automation Continues to Expand MES Applications to Increase Flexibility, Ease Entry to Smart Manufacturing

August 24, 2017

Via: Industry Week

Rockwell Automation continues to build out its scalable MES applications to allow operations to configure their environment without programming, add more applications, increase DCS process system integration, and expand deployment options. A new suite of capabilities improves functionality across its […]

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Blogging for Manufacturers: 5 Reasons You Need a Company Blog

August 10, 2017

Via: Manufacturing Innovation Blog

Blogging might be an important marketing strategy for other industries, but for manufacturers, it’s not that relevant… right? Wrong. Every industry should be blogging, even – or especially –ones not always considered glamorous like manufacturing. Blogging is an excellent way […]

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Electric vehicles driving cobalt demand up

August 8, 2017

Via: Manufacturing Global

Demand for cobalt and lithium is continuing to rise, thanks to an ever-expanding electric vehicle market. Cobalt is a key component in lithium-ion batteries, which are widely used in electric and hybrid vehicles. The world’s lithium-ion battery market is expected […]

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Trump Says Foxconn Could Triple Investment to $30 Billion

August 3, 2017

Via: Industry Week

Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou is considering tripling his U.S. investment budget to $30 billion, President Donald Trump said while outlining “off-record” remarks made by the billionaire founder of Apple Inc.’s biggest manufacturing partner. Foxconn Technology Group, the main assembler of […]