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Adding Sustainability and Quality to EH&S for Manufacturing

December 6, 2017

Via: Aberdeen Essentials

The field of EH&S has increasingly brought global sustainability into the fold.  Management-level EH&S leaders are the environmental stewards of the corporate world, and are increasingly responsible for designing and implementing strategies to take companies beyond compliance. These initiatives involve […]

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Is gaming technology the future of manufacturing?

December 4, 2017

Via: Manufacturing Global

Theorem Solutions, the software solutions company, has developed a range of Visualisation Experience applications using the latest gaming graphics engines. The applications optimise computer-aided design (CAD) data for interactive and immersive environments of Augmented, Mixed or Virtual Reality on devices. […]

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Epson creates autonomous dual-armed robot for high-tech manufacturing

November 28, 2017

Via: Manufacturing Global

Seiko Epson Corporation – also known simply as Epson – has commercialised an autonomous dual-arm robot that is described by the company as “seeing, sensing, thinking, and working”. The WorkSense W-01 will be rolled out in stages over the winter […]

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Machine-to-Machine Integration for the Smart, Connected Factory

November 22, 2017

Via: Automation World

Though manufacturers have been collecting information from across the manufacturing floor for decades, the cost of implementing smart sensors has gone down significantly in recent years. Meanwhile, analytics capabilities have grown extensively. As a result, today we have the technology […]

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Are You Putting Your Safety Data to Work?

November 20, 2017

Via: Industry Week

Sponsored by Rockwell Automation. Bringing safety data into a Connected Enterprise can help identify risks and enhance safety in food and beverage manufacturing. Food and beverage manufacturers are fundamentally changing how they operate in a Connected Enterprise. They’re gaining access […]

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Manufacturing Technology Orders Back on Track for Strong 2017  

November 15, 2017

Via: MFRTech

Manufacturing technology orders in September continued their upward trend, ending the third quarter on a strong note. According to the latest U.S. Manufacturing Technology Orders Report, bookings for September 2017 were up 6 percent from August and posted a year-to-date […]

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Flexible working in manufacturing is a better incentive than money, says HSBC study

November 8, 2017

Via: Manufacturing Global

Research conducted by HSBC has revealed that lifestyle benefits, such as flexible working, are more likely to improve workplace productivity for employees than financial incentives. A huge 91% of manufacturing workers believe this to be the case, yet only 23% […]

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Closing the skills gap: How to get young people interested in manufacturing

November 7, 2017

Via: Manufacturing Global

Over 2,800 manufacturing events took place across the US on the 6th of October – Manufacturing Day – this year, with the holiday proving to be a huge success. They aim to be educational and networking tools, and the hope […]

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Why traditional manufacturing theories dont work

October 23, 2017

Via: Manufacturing Global

Complexity and variability are the new norm in modern business. Changing customer behaviour, shorter product lifecycles and a rising complexity in global supply chains is making life increasingly difficult for production planners. Here, Roger Fleury, Managing Director of resource management […]


Mayors on Why Manufacturing Matters in the Modern Economy

October 19, 2017

Via: the Alliance for American Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing is critical to economic sustainability and innovation. San Francisco once was one of America’s great manufacturing cities, home to factories that made everything from Levi’s jeans to consumer electronics. But like many cities, San Francisco offshored much of […]