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Siemens Healthineers invests $314M in new MRI manufacturing plant

May 15, 2024

MRI machines use liquid helium to cool their superconducting magnets. Seeking to minimize the use of helium, a nonrenewable element prone to supply disruptions, Siemens spent years working to design a magnet that uses its own refrigerator to stay cool. The work led to the launch of an MRI machine that uses 0.7 liters of liquid helium, compared with as much as 1,500 liters for older technology.

The technology is central to Siemens’ plans in MRI. CEO Bernd Montag said in a May 7 earnings call that all the company’s MRI devices will be based on low-helium technology by 2030. The company is adding manufacturing capacity to support that ambition.

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