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2024 Trends: Expanded Simulation, Generative AI and Resurgence in Cloud Migration

January 17, 2024

Via: Metrology and Quality News

As we enter the new year, Jonathan Girroir, Technology Evangelist at Tech Soft 3D shares his thoughts on where 3D technology will go in 2024. Tech Soft 3D has spent over 25 years helping more than 700 companies build 3D […]

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How Simulation Can Secure Your Robotics Investment

April 19, 2023

Via: Manufacturing Tomorrow

It might sound like something from the realm of science fiction – but robots and robotics are transforming the production landscape. Robotics simulation has steadily evolved to keep up with the growing capabilities of industrial robots. Robotics simulation can be […]

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VRM Switzerland and Airbus Helicopters Work Together to Qualify Under EASA Regulations the World’s 1st H125 VR Simulator

May 24, 2022

Via: ASD News

EASA, VRM Switzerland and Airbus Helicopters have officially opened the door to new standards in helicopter pilot training by qualifying an Airbus Helicopters H125 flight training device (FTD) Level 3 with Virtual Reality (VR) technology at Helitrans in Norway. This […]

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Why Simulation Is Critical for Driving the Next Era of Manufacturing

June 15, 2021

Via: Manufacturing Tomorrow

In a recent Forbes interview discussing the future of manufacturing, Flex CEO Revathi Advaithi shared that “the industry is outdated in many ways.” Even if we look back just a few years to 2018, the percent of manufacturing corporations successfully […]