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Two U.S. Manufacturers Sue to End the Solar Tariff Moratorium

January 12, 2024

Via: Alliance for American Manufacturing

Lost in the shuffle of current events last week came a notable bit of news: Two U.S. solar manufacturers have sued the Biden administration over its moratorium on tariffs affecting some solar panels imported from Southeast Asia. Auxin Solar Inc. […]

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Solar-powered capacitor

January 11, 2024

Via: Electronics Weekly

The idea is to combine Epishine’s solar cells and Nichicon’s LTO-batteries in an integrated solderless autonomous power product which is an alternative to disposable and re-chargeable Solar-powered capacitorbatteries, reducing time-to-market and cutting down on product development costs. “We’ve created a […]

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China’s Overcapacity in Clean Energy is Causing Global Problems. How Will the U.S. Respond?

November 14, 2023

Via: Alliance for American Manufacturing

President Biden is slated to meet with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in San Francisco on Wednesday during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. There is a lot for the two to discuss, from Taiwan to to fentanyl to artificial […]

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Holcim US Announces Milestone Solar Initiative in Michigan to Accelerate Decarbonization Efforts

June 15, 2023

Via: PR Newswire

Holcim US today announced a milestone clean energy investment in northeast Michigan with a new partnership to bring the company’s largest solar project in the Midwest to its cement plant in Alpena. When combined with existing renewable energy efforts, the […]

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Manufacturing Story of 2022: The Solar Saga

December 28, 2022

Via: Alliance for American Manufacturing

Early this year, a small manufacturer in northern California called Auxin Solar petitioned the U.S. Commerce Department to investigate solar panels imported from Southeast Asia. Those imports, the petition contended, were essentially being made in China before being rerouted through […]

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Fleet of US coal power stations coverted to solar and batteries

November 18, 2021

Via: Electronics Weekly

The sites were aquired by a Texas company called Vista in 2018, and coal burning is being terminated for a variety of reasons including running costs and legal decision over pollution. While ~4GW of capacity is being removed, 300MW solar […]

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Six new Boeing solar arrays to power International Space Station

January 15, 2021

Via: Electronics Weekly

The new arrays will increase the on-board laboratory’s power supply and installation is scheduled to begin in 2021. The new 63-foot-by-20-foot (19-meter-by-6-meter) arrays will together produce 120 kilowatts of electricity via the sun’s energy, says Boeing. They will combine with […]

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Hyundai launches hybrid vehicle with solar panels

August 6, 2019

Via: Manufacturing Global

Korean automotive manufacturer Hyundai has announced the launch of its first car to feature solar panels. The solar roof charging system provides electric power as the vehicle is driving, contributing between 30 and 60% of battery charge per day. Charged […]

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Trump Helps More Than Double US Solar Capacity With Duties

May 31, 2018

Via: Industry Week

President Donald Trump wanted more U.S. solar manufacturing — and now he’s getting it. Hanwha Q Cells Korea on Wednesday said it will build a factory in Georgia. JinkoSolar Holding Co. of China is planning one in Florida. And U.S. […]

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First Solar to open new manufacturing plant in Ohio

April 27, 2018

Via: Manufacturing Global

The US photovoltaic (PV) solar panel manufacturer, First Solar, has announced it will be opening a new facility in Township, Ohio. The facility will have the capacity to build 1.2GW of the firm’s Series 6 thin film PV modules, which, […]