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Two U.S. Manufacturers Sue to End the Solar Tariff Moratorium

January 12, 2024

Via: Alliance for American Manufacturing

Lost in the shuffle of current events last week came a notable bit of news: Two U.S. solar manufacturers have sued the Biden administration over its moratorium on tariffs affecting some solar panels imported from Southeast Asia. Auxin Solar Inc. […]

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Senators Draw Attention to Persistent Levels of Unfair Apparel Imports

October 5, 2023

Via: Alliance for American Manufacturing

A group of U.S. senators recently urged the Biden administration to address troubling import trends in textile and apparel imports that threaten domestic manufacturers and the jobs they represent. The U.S. textile industry employs approximately half a million Americans and […]


U.S. Trade Enforcement Works. We Should Make Its Tools Even Stronger

September 7, 2023

Via: Alliance for American Manufacturing

There’s always a lot of complaining when a domestic manufacturer asks the federal government to enforce U.S. trade law. Importing industries, or their associations, will often smear petitioners, as happened to the California solar panel manufacturer that accused Chinese companies […]

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Trade Enforcement is Critical to Securing Supply Chains and Supporting U.S. Workers, Witnesses Tell House Panel

May 9, 2023

Via: Alliance for American Manufacturing

Members of Congress headed to a container ship terminal in Staten Island on Tuesday — “the birthplace of Pete Davidson,” as hometown Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-N.Y.) described it — for a special field hearing to examine how trade is impacting […]