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Global Economy Gets Tailwind From Falling Energy Prices

March 12, 2023

Via: The Wall Street Journal

Energy prices are roiling the global economy for the second time in a year. This time, it’s good news. Plunging oil and natural-gas prices are pumping up economic growth, putting money into consumers’ pockets, boosting confidence and easing pressures on […]

Energy, Industry Focus Areas

OPEC+’s Warning Shot

September 5, 2022

Via: The Wall Street Journal

Russia is using natural gas to punish Europe. Oil hasn’t yet been similarly weaponized, but talk of buyers imposing a price cap raises the risk that it could be. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and Moscow-led allies decided […]

Energy, Industry Focus Areas

Rise of renewables: How the Ukraine war has changed global energy policies

August 11, 2022


UNSW expert Renate Egan explains how countries around the world have reacted to the oil and gas supply chain issues caused by the fallout of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Fears about energy independence in the wake of the war in […]