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Minimizing Unplanned Downtime: Strategies for Maximizing Productivity in Your Plant

May 6, 2024


How much unplanned downtime does your plant have in a week?

“Downtime” – a word that strikes fear into the hearts of manufacturing managers worldwide. The mere mention of it signals potential disruptions, delays, and financial losses. Unplanned downtime during peak operating hours can wreak havoc on production schedules, leading to delivery delays and wasted resources.

Production downtime – both planned and unplanned – costs manufacturers billions of dollars a year. According to research from Deloitte, even pre-Covid unplanned downtime cost manufacturers around $50 billion each year, with the average manufacturer experiencing an estimated 800 hours of equipment downtime annually. In modern manufacturing, where efficiency is paramount, downtime is not just an inconvenience but a strategic threat.

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