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Hiring Challenges: The Future Of Skilled Labor

May 18, 2023

Via: Business Facilities Magazine

Small business leaders that rely on skilled labor are facing unprecedented challenges in today’s job market. With job growth for businesses with fewer than 50 employees steadily declining after 2022’s sustained highs, and concerns about supply chains, inflation, and shallow […]


Nasa’s Goddard Space Flight Center appoints first female director

April 14, 2023

Via: Electronics Weekly

Goddard’s range of missions support scientific disciplines including Earth science, solar science and the sun-Earth environment, planetary studies and astrophysics. It is, for example, the operational home of the Hubble Space Telescope. With a workforce of 10,000, both civil servants […]


Virgin Orbit to Cut Workforce by 85%

March 30, 2023

Via: The Wall Street Journal

Virgin Orbit Holdings Inc. on Thursday said it reduced its headcount by about 675 employees, about 85% of its workforce, to reduce expenses as it has been unable to secure meaningful funding. Shares nosedived 39% to 21 cents in after-hours […]


4 Strategies to Win Over Engineering and Tech Talent

January 12, 2023

Via: Industry Today

To be competitive, manufacturers need to be agile when it comes to tech implementations. This requires a robust talent pipeline of contingent workers that can be scaled up or down as projects develop and evolve. But how can companies build […]


Covid’s Drag on the Workforce Proves Persistent. ‘It Sets Us Back.’

November 7, 2022

Via: The Wall Street Journal

Two-and-a-half years after Covid-19 emerged, reported infections are way down, pandemic restrictions are practically gone and life in many respects is approaching normal. The labor force, however, is not. Researchers say the virus is having a persistent effect, keeping millions […]


Manufacturing Your Way Through the Gig Economy

April 18, 2022

Via: Industry Today

Successfully adapting to workforce changes is critical for any business to thrive. Within the manufacturing sector, various issues arising over the past few years have caused an uptick in demand for more flexibility at work. One way to successfully adjust […]

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Improving Recruiting Efforts to Fill Manufacturing Roles

January 31, 2022

Via: Manufacturing Tomorrow

Manufacturing organizations are thriving, despite the challenges with the labor market over the past two years. Many are now hiring employees at volume to keep up with increased consumer demand and high turnover rates. Recruiters in this industry have a […]

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Empowering the Deskless Workforce

October 5, 2021

Via: Industry Today

It does not seem possible that 80% of the world’s workforce (2.7 billion people) could be largely neglected by the big tech companies, but it’s true. These are the individuals behind the scenes, working on production lines, delivering goods, servicing […]

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Too Few Women in Engineering? Here Are Some Solutions

June 16, 2021

Via: Design News

For years we’ve seen a discrepancy between the number of women enrolled in college engineering programs and the number of women in the engineering workforce. According to the National Science Foundation (NSF), the percentage of women in undergraduate engineering programs […]

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5 Big Financial Factors for Manufacturers During COVID

November 16, 2020

Via: Industry Today

Following the onset of COVID, economies across the world were stunted and forced to adapt to new policies and protocols put in place to keep people safe. Manufacturing facilities were among the many industries that were significantly impacted when COVID […]

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Accenture: industrial manufacturing post COVID-19

April 20, 2020

Via: Manufacturing Global

In its most recent report, Accenture stresses that “no industry is immune and the industrial equipment is no exception.” “Industrial equipment companies are grappling with the immediate impact of COVID-19 as both their manufacturing and supply chain operations are being […]

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How the biggest companies in the world are preparing to bring back their workforce

April 9, 2020


At some point, the biggest American companies are going to tell their employees it’s time to leave home and return to work. That decision will be fraught with risk without widespread testing for the COVID-19 virus. For some industries, such […]

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HP to Cut as Much as 16% of Workforce Amid Print Unit Woes

October 4, 2019

Via: Industry Week

HP Inc. (IW 500/22) will slash as much as 16% of its workforce as part of a broad restructuring meant to cut costs and boost sales growth amid the company’s first change in top leadership in four years. The personal […]

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Generation Z More Likely Than Millennials to Pursue Work in Manufacturing, Poll Finds

July 18, 2019

Via: Alliance for American Manufacturing

Millennials are over — the next generation is about to enter the workforce, and new polling reveals they could be more likely than their immediate predecessors to enter manufacturing. Leaning2Lead (L2L), a data and software analysis company, found that 27 […]

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Musk’s SpaceX Laying Off 10% of Workforce

January 14, 2019

Via: Industry Week

SpaceX is taking the ax to its headquarters in California. Hours after launching its first rocket of the new year on Friday morning, the Elon Musk-led company told employees that roughly 10% of SpaceX’s workforce would be laid off. Stunned […]

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Jaguar Land Rover plans to cut 5,000 jobs, paper says

December 17, 2018

Via: Automotive News

The UK luxury automaker, owned by India’s Tata Motors will outline the measures in January as part of a three-year cost-cutting program, the paper said, citing several unidentified people close to the company. JLR has been hit hard due to […]

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Top 10 manufacturing trends for 2019

December 7, 2018

Via: Manufacturing Global

10. Investment / funding for SMEs As established enterprises wrestle with becoming more innovative and agile, ‘buying in’ that mindset and approach will be an increasingly attractive option. For start-ups and SMEs, the benefit is being able to access funding […]


IBM lawsuit casts diversity in starkly competitive terms

February 15, 2018

Via: Reuters

International Business Machines Corp’s (IBM.N) insistence in a new lawsuit that its efforts to recruit and maintain a diverse workforce are trade secrets bucks a trend towards transparency and highlights how companies can see the issue in competitive terms, business […]

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How to Create a “Maker” Workforce

January 9, 2018

Via: Industry Week

Fremont, California, is experiencing a boom in manufacturing. It’s the fourth largest city in the Bay Area, and home to over 800 manufacturing companies which employ 26,000, accounting for 25% of the workforce. Large companies such as Boston Scientific, Western […]


Mayors on Why Manufacturing Matters in the Modern Economy

October 19, 2017

Via: the Alliance for American Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing is critical to economic sustainability and innovation. San Francisco once was one of America’s great manufacturing cities, home to factories that made everything from Levi’s jeans to consumer electronics. But like many cities, San Francisco offshored much of […]