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Survey Says Supply-Chain Issues Remain Key Hurdle For Design Engineers

April 27, 2022

Via: Design News

As product design gets more complicated, design engineering has become a more complicated, multi-faceted task. But there’s also good news for engineers, as design tools are improving and engineers have been able to keep pace with faster time-to-market cycles. Those […]

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Spain to invest €11bn in semiconductors

April 5, 2022

Via: Electronics Weekly

“We want Spain to be at the vanguard of industrial and technological progress,” said Sanchez, adding that semiconductors are of “global geostrategic importance” and that Spain “will not lose the race to the most advanced technology.” “This ambitious project to […]

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Design for Santiago International Airport Unveiled

March 31, 2022

Via: Industry Today

SANTIAGO, Dominican Republic – luis vidal + architects, an international firm that offers responsible and quality designs in response to the urban and social challenges of the day, has unveiled design concepts for Santiago International Airport’s new $300 million expansion. […]

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Four Steps to Reducing Manufacturing Risk

March 18, 2022

Via: Manufacturing Tomorrow

Many industries such as the automotive, medical and semiconductor sectors must comply with third party standards to control processes, reduce risk and ensure quality during the manufacturing of products. Over the past few years, organizations have begun to embrace an […]

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Intel sets out its stall

February 21, 2022

Via: Electronics Weekly

In the Xeon range, starting in Q1 2022, the company will deliver Sapphire Rapids on Intel 7, bringing performance improvements across a range of workloads and targeting up to a 30x performance increase in AI alone. Coming in 2023 is […]

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No One-Size-Fits-All Solution for Plastics Industry to Meet Sustainability Goals, Says Delterra CEO

January 31, 2022

Via: Design News

With the word sustainability on everyone’s lips these days, the international environmental nonprofit Delterra has come onto the scene with a burst of energy, a strong pedigree, and a big mission. Delterra’s founding partner is consulting giant McKinsey & Co., […]

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Preparing Your Manufacturing Business for Natural Disasters

January 18, 2022

Via: Design News

In 2017, Medtronic was significantly impacted by multiple natural disasters all in the same fiscal quarter, but managed to weather those disasters by bending, not breaking. While we have not seen any reports yet of any medical device manufacturers being […]

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Using CAD Assets to Design and Optimize Factories

January 3, 2022

Via: Design News

Digital transformation is being used to help with a wide range of industrial needs. Take factory design and optimization. Tools such as CAD can be used to create things as large and physical as factory floors. You can use CAD […]

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Intel reported to be applying for Indian manufacturing incentives

December 30, 2021

Via: Electronics Weekly

One of the companies said to be preparing to apply for government incentives to set up IC manufacturing in India is Intel, reports The India Express. It is being said that the proposed plant would be aimed at the 18A […]

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Apple Patent for Self-Driving Car Could Include Exterior Warning Sign to Tell Drivers When the Computer is in Control

December 20, 2021

Via: Tech Times

Patents have started to pop up regarding Apple’s first self-driving car. These patents reveal features like an external display telling other drivers and pedestrians whenever the car is running on autonomous mode. Apple Patent Paperwork Reveals a Warning System According […]