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DHL: top four manufacturing transformations by 2025

March 23, 2020

Via: Manufacturing Global

Intelligent manufacturing With the ways in which manufacturing and engineering companies are producing and operating changing, in terms of product life cycle, customer demand and increased product variety, production processes are needing to become more intelligent. With technology evolving at […]

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COVID-19: is manufacturing prepared for home working

March 18, 2020

Via: Manufacturing Global

Surveying over 700,000 employees worldwide, 52,240 of those were from the manufacturing and industrial engineering sector. The survey highlighted that 53% of those within the industry have no home working experience. As the Coronavirus maintains its pandemic status by the […]

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Smarter Manufacturing: rising to the challenge

March 11, 2020

Via: Manufacturing Global

The manufacturing industry is on the cusp of a new digital-first era. Technology is changing everything from design to production. It’s no surprise then, that digital transformation has become top of the agenda for those working in the sector; and […]

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Will 2020 Be the Year You Embrace Blockchain in Manufacturing?

February 20, 2020

Via: Manufacturing Tomorrow

The power of trust is what binds manufacturers and their distribution channel partners to honor their commitments with each other’s best interests. Lately, however, that trust is strained as revenue growth shrinks across the supply chain. According to McKinsey & […]

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Department of Energy Awards $187M to Strengthen U.S. Manufacturing Competitiveness

February 12, 2020

Via: Quality Magazine

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced approximately $187 million in funding, including $48 million of cost share, for 55 projects in 25 states to support innovative advanced manufacturing research and development. These projects address high-impact manufacturing technology, materials, and […]

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U.S. companies cut back on installing robots in 2019

February 11, 2020

Via: Reuters

U.S. companies installed fewer robots in 2019 than they did the year before, the first cut back since 2015, as a downturn in manufacturing fueled by trade wars and weaker demand dampened appetite for the machines. Shipments fell to 23,758, […]

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Rise in Automation and Manufacturing Sector to Thrive the Manufacturing Executive Systems Market

January 31, 2020

Via: Manufacturing Tomorrow

The global manufacturing execution system market is anticipated to witness a surge in its demand due to increase in manufacturing sector and rapid advancement in industrial automation during the forecast period 2017-2025. The industrial and manufacturing sector is experiencing a […]


U.S. Job Loss to China Swells to 3.7 Million

January 30, 2020

Via: Alliance for American Manufacturing

America’s trade deficit with China continues to grow and plague manufacturing in the United States. Workers saw 3.7 million U.S. jobs lost to China since 2001, with more than 700,000 lost in the first two years of Donald Trump’s presidency, […]

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China foundry unique in growing last year

January 10, 2020

Via: Electronics Weekly

With the rise of the fabless IC companies in China over the past 10 years, the demand for foundry services has also risen in that country. Figure 1 shows that the China market was the only major region that showed […]

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Manufacturing with 2020 vision: Environment and Sustainability

December 27, 2019

Via: Manufacturing Global

Some dreams take time to come true, especially if they amount to the most profound transformation we have seen since the industrial revolution. As manufacturers adapt and evolve to an ever connected and green(er) world, here are two main trends […]