EV maker Tesla breaks ground on Megapack energy storage battery factory in Shanghai

May 23, 2024

Electric vehicle maker Tesla has begun construction of a factory in Shanghai to make its Megapack energy storage batteries, Chinese state media reported Thursday. The $200 million plant in Shanghai’s Lingang pilot free trade zone will be the first Tesla […]

Commercial Hydrogen Fueling Station to Open in California

April 26, 2024

FirstElement Fuel will open what it is calling the world’s first heavy-duty high-flow hydrogen fueling facility to the public in May. The station is the first of about a dozen commercial hydrogen truck fueling locations the company has planned. “This […]

New durability evaluation technique protects against solar variability for advancing green hydrogen production

April 8, 2024

As green hydrogen gains attention as a future clean energy carrier, the question of which renewable energy to utilize as an energy source becomes increasingly important. Among them, solar energy has the advantage of being available everywhere on Earth, with […]

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A low-energy process for high-performance solar cells could simplify the manufacturing process

May 8, 2024


Finding reliable, eco-friendly power sources is crucial as our world grapples with increasing energy needs and the urgent call to combat climate change. Solar energy offers one solution, with scientists devising ever more efficient materials for capturing sunlight. Perovskite solar […]