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Strengthening Cybersecurity in Manufacturing: The Path to a Defensible Architecture

November 9, 2023


In our most recent whitepaper, we explore the key cybersecurity challenges faced by manufacturers in the OT sector and delve into the threats they need to defend against. We leverage the SANS Five ICS Cybersecurity Critical Controls as a framework to mitigate these risks, with a particular emphasis on the importance of network segmentation in achieving a defensible architecture.

Challenges: What Problems Are We Trying to Solve?

Manufacturers in the OT sector encounter several cybersecurity challenges, including poor network security controls, diversification in connectivity between high technology and legacy systems, a lack of in-house expertise, limited visibility and monitoring, and the high necessity of Interconnectivity between IT and OT systems. These challenges highlight the urgent need for tailored cybersecurity measures in the manufacturing industry.

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