image credit: chandlervid85 / Freepik

Transportation Providers Drive Manufacturers’ Success

March 27, 2024


In the wake of a chaotic few years in the global supply chain, including factors such as geopolitical tensions, trade disputes, and climate change-induced disruptions, manufacturers have recognized supply chain resiliency as vital to their success. What many may not realize is the potential of transportation providers to contribute to manufacturers’ resiliency initiatives. Even as manufacturing has embraced “Industry 4.0” – defined by McKinsey as “the next phase in the digitization of the manufacturing sector, driven by disruptive trends including the rise of data and connectivity…” – so has the transportation sector embarked on a digitized, data-driven approach. Increasingly, these providers offer expertise in route optimization, alternative logistics solutions, and advanced tracking technologies, improving visibility, enabling proactive decision-making and overall enhancing supply chain agility.

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