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Why The Manufacturing Sector Needs to Go Digital – Quickly

October 27, 2021

Via: Manufacturing Tomorrow

Industries across the board must go digital to keep up, especially in the uncertain times we live in. Increased digitization helps businesses adapt and develop innovative solutions that transform their industries. The manufacturing sector is no different. Factoring in increased […]

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Stamping and Forming Technology Protection Using Intelligent Camera Systems

October 15, 2021

Via: Metrology and Quality News

Boosting efficiency through digitalization – almost no branch of industry can evade it. Also operators of press shops are increasingly networking their production. But, regardless of whether it’s a single press or press lines, it’s not always necessary to replace […]

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Germany plans $2.3B in aid to help auto industry tech shift, report says

November 2, 2020

Via: Automotive News

Germany has agreed to a 2 billion euro ($2.3 billion) aid package to help the country’s automakers and suppliers switch to greener engines and automated driving, according to an economy ministry paper seen by Reuters on Monday. Under the program, […]

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Volkswagen to invest up to 4 billion euros in digital transformation

June 5, 2019

Via: Reuters

BERLIN (Reuters) – Volkswagen will invest up to 4 billion euros over the years to 2023 to digitalize its administration and production, the German carmaker said on Wednesday, adding that up to 4,000 jobs in non-production units could be cut. […]

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Predictive maintenance is a good starting point for digital transformation. Are you ready?

September 19, 2018

Via: Manufacturing Matters

As a manufacturer, the way you operate and make money is changing. Meeting your customer needs is no longer just about the products you make and how fast you deliver them. You are also increasingly called on to be the […]

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Creating the Digital Future in Brownfield Plants

January 30, 2018

Via: Automation World

The biggest hurdle for most manufacturing and processing facilities isn’t accepting the idea that connected devices and systems can improve operations and business performance. It’s the question of how to implement the necessary technologies and procedures within an existing facility […]

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Is Digitalization Different From MES?

December 11, 2017

Via: Automation World

In the past six months, we have been talking about digitalization almost every day. Going digital has become the main initiative of many manufacturing companies, and task forces and funds have been allocated to achieve the goal. Digital transformation seems […]

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Nationalization vs. globalization: Software supports agile response to changing manufacturing landscape

February 1, 2017

Via: Manufacturing Matters

In yesterday’s post, we looked at the issues emerging from the call for US manufacturers to keep facilities in the US in order to expand employment opportunities for the American workforce. Today, we turn to the ways software solutions make […]

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Predictions for 2017: Manufacturers will stop incubating and start accelerating

January 4, 2017

Via: Manufacturing Matters

Digital transformation in manufacturing has been in the forefront of awareness for 2-3 years, with early predictions even dating back a decade. As digital waves transformed the entertainment, media, travel, education, and banking industries, futurists could naturally predict that manufacturing, […]

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Predictions for the 2017 manufacturing revolution

December 20, 2016

Via: Manufacturing Matters

2016 was a year dominated by new concepts, innovative thinking, and media buzz about digitalization, the Internet of Things, data science, and global supply chains. The term Industry 4.0 encompasses a wide range of advanced technologies being harnessed for a […]

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5 reasons manufacturing SMBs benefit most from digitalization and IT modernization

November 15, 2016

Via: Manufacturing Matters

It’s a good time to be a small to mid-size business (SMB) in manufacturing. While all manufacturers have opportunities unfolding from technology, the more agile and proactive SMBs are ideally suited to take advantage of new concepts made possible by […]

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Embracing tomorrow, technology, and a team approach

November 10, 2016

Via: Manufacturing Matters

The state of manufacturing has never been as tumultuous as it is today. Progress comes in surges. New technologies, new business models, and a reignited drive to power-up propels manufacturers forward.  Then, setbacks eat away at the gains. Slow recovery. […]

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The Digitalization Dilemma

September 12, 2016

Via: Automation World

To prepare for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), there is an important first step for organizations: Digitalization. That was the message from Siemens executives at this week’s Siemens PLM industry analyst conference in Boston, who recapped their several-year journey […]