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Energy, Industry Focus Areas

Duke Energy to pilot EV charging subscription service in North Carolina

August 28, 2023

Via: PR Newswire

As North Carolina looks toward a cleaner energy future with reduced greenhouse gas emissions and clean transportation, Duke Energy, General Motors, Ford Motor Company and BMW of North America are teaming up to launch a new electric vehicle (EV) pilot […]

Process, R & D

AI for Sustainability: Materials Informatics is Driving Change, Finds IDTechEx

April 21, 2023

Via: PR Newswire

Materials informatics is the application of data-driven methods, including machine learning techniques, to the field of materials science. This important part of the digital transformation toolbox for the materials industry has wide-ranging benefits, but the ability to enhance the sustainability […]


How Will Manufacturing Make Its ESG Mark in 2023? It Starts with Measuring What Matters Most

April 13, 2023

Via: Manufacturing Tomorrow

Environmental, social, and governance impact metrics, commonly referred to as ESG, are nothing new – the term was coined in 2005 – but their popularity has multiplied in the past several years. Ninety percent of S&P 500 companies and 70 […]

Energy, Industry Focus Areas

Oil-and-Gas Companies Seek ESG Loans

December 27, 2022

Via: The Wall Street Journal

The oil-and-gas industry is increasingly looking to tap the rapidly growing pool of ESG-linked financing. Not everyone is convinced by the companies’ pledges to cut emissions, which underpin the loans. Since 2021, a handful of North American fossil-fuel companies have […]