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FTC Says Ohio Company Falsely Labeled Its Imported Mattress Pads as Made in USA

September 21, 2022


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) continues to take action against companies that deceive consumers by labeling imported products as Made in America.

The FTC issued a proposed settlement on Aug. 30 against Electrowarmth Products LLC and owner Daniel W. Grindle for claiming that the company’s headed mattress pads were Made in the USA when they are actually manufactured in China.

Based in Ohio, Electrowarmth has been selling heated mattress pads to the populace since 1939, and long claimed that their products were “Made in the USA since 1939” and “Made in USA.” That was seemingly true until 2019, when Electrowarmth moved production to China to cut costs, and stopped using American-made textiles to make their mattress pads, according to the FTC.

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