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Big Data Analytics in Manufacturing: Are Top Companies as Active as They Could Be?

September 13, 2018

Via: Aberdeen

The most cutting-edge technologies in the world of analytics and business intelligence (BI) — things like predictive analytics, machine learning, and IoT analytics — all have critical use cases in the rapidly-evolving manufacturing industry. We constantly hear about the sophisticated and mind-blowing applications of these technologies. Equipment failure can be predicted to avoid process downtime. Machine learning can optimize fabrication, reduce waste, and improve yield. Seemingly, the sky is the limit. But how common and widely used are these applications in reality?

Aberdeen’s expanded coverage of the BI / Analytics sector tracks companies actively researching topics related to decision support and analysis — concepts like data visualization, big data analytics, machine learning, and data science, to name a few. Looking specifically at the Fortune 1000, the findings show a subset of 80 companies deemed to be “in-market” for analytics solutions. These are the companies most actively consuming content related to these analytics concepts, and doing so over a sustained period of time.

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