image credit: Vecteezy

Johnson Electric & Cortica Establish New Joint Venture Lean AI to Bring Revolutionary Quality Inspection to Manufacturing

November 11, 2021

Johnson Electric Group and Cortica Group have established a joint venture to build an Autonomous Inspection System set to revolutionize the Quality Inspection Market. Lean AI is a game-changing startup that will leverage Johnson Electric’s vast knowledge and experience in manufacturing processes and Cortica’s unique Autonomous AI Technology in order to revolutionize the visual inspection market.

Today, supervised Deep Learning-Based Quality Assurance Systems can take weeks, up to months, to deploy. The existing systems are reliant on a data scientist or AI experts and require large manually tagged training sets with thousands of defect image examples. Requiring constant maintenance and re-training for the slightest variations, the system is unable to adapt to defects, new products, and new cameras.

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