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Goods Made with Uyghur Forced Labor Still Likely Entering the U.S., Key Congressional Panel Finds

May 24, 2023


A number of products “produced or manufactured wholly or in part with Uyghur forced labor may continue to enter the United States” despite new efforts to halt these imports, according to a policy proposal approved Wednesday by the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The panel unanimously approved two policy proposals on Wednesday: One aimed at addressing the ongoing Uyghur genocide and the other at providing support to Taiwan. Because it is a select committee, the panel does not have the authority to advance legislation and is instead charged with developing an action plan for addressing the threats posed by China’s government. Some of those threats directly relate to manufacturing and the U.S. economy; Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul testified about many of them during his testimony before the panel earlier this year, for example.

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