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Rise in numbers for women in engineering

June 23, 2021

Via: Electronics Weekly

On International Women in Engineering day (23 June), EngineeringUK reports a 12% increase in the number of women working in engineering compared with 2018. The starting point was quite low, however, just 12% of the workforce in Q2 2018, compared […]

Industry Focus Areas, Workforce Development

FABTECH Tracking the Rising Trend of Women in Manufacturing

October 4, 2018

Via: Quality Magazine

The metal fabrication and manufacturing industry has adjusted in recent years to meet the demands of an evolving global economy, impacted by social, political, economic and technological advancements that effect all aspects of the industry. In changing times and in […]

Industry Focus Areas, Workforce Development

Heroes MAKE America: New Program to Train Veterans for Manufacturing

January 31, 2018

Via: Industry Week

Over the years many manufacturing companies have found that veterans are especially adept at moving from the service into careers in manufacturing. In an effort to provide the industry-specific certifications needed currently, last week the Manufacturing Institute, part of the […]