image credit: Pxhere

Exolaunch set to introduce a Space Tug programme

According to the company, this features a new orbital transfer vehicle (OTV) – dubbed Reliant – that will launch satellites to custom orbits in an “environmentally responsible way”. It addresses issues around satellite performance, payloads, capacity and execution of orbital maneuvers.

Its space tug testing and flight qualification will begin in 2022 on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rideshare missions, it says.

“Exolaunch’s tug is powered by an innovative green propulsion system, which also provides a high thrust-to-weight ratio and meets the highest standards for environmental safety. Its design also leverages additive technologies using lightweight carbon fiber composites and 3D printing, resulting in low mass and high cost-efficiency. The Reliant currently comes in two configurations, Standard and Pro.”

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