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JIP to buy Toshiba

March 23, 2023

Via: Electronics Weekly

Toshiba will buy out other shareholders, many of them activist, and be taken private. The JIP consortium has about 20 Japanese companies in it including Orix, Rohm and Chubu Electric Power, and is backed by loans from Japanese banks. Other […]

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Toshiba mosfet package for 400A automotive use

January 31, 2023

Via: Electronics Weekly

Branded L-TOGL and measuring 9.9 x 11.8 x 2.3mm (right), the AEC-Q101-capable package is designed for up to 175°C, 100V, 400A, 750W, with minimum mosfet device Rds(on) around 300μΩ. This compares with 250A, 372W and ~740μΩ from the company’s existing […]

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1.2A stepper driver in 4x4mm package needs no external sense resistor

September 29, 2022

Via: Electronics Weekly

“It is well suited for constant-current control stepper motor applications including those found in office automation, commercial and industrial equipment. It is also suited for surveillance cameras and projectors,” said Toshiba. Named TB67S549FTG, its internal constant-current control does not require […]

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2.5A industrial photo-coupler gate driver has 250ns maximum delay

August 12, 2022

Via: Electronics Weekly

Toshiba has released a ±2.5A output IGBT gate driving photo-coupler with and isolated fault feedback, that can also drive mosfet gates. Called TLP5212, it “features a new totem pole output with two n-channel mosfets,” according to the company. “In addition, […]


Toshiba shareholders vote against the management

March 24, 2022

Via: Electronics Weekly

Shareholders also voted against a proposal by activist shareholder 3D Investment Partners of Singapore to consider other options including a sale of the company to private equity. The way ahead after the two votes is unclear. “We are going to […]


Toshiba, Like GE, Plans to Split Into Three Parts

November 12, 2021

Via: The Wall Street Journal

Toshiba Corp. said it planned to split into three by March 2024 in response to shareholder pressure for a more focused structure, following a similar path taken by fellow industrial conglomerate General Electric Co. There has been a series of […]

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Toshiba shrinks solid-state lidar for transport infrastructure

June 11, 2021

Via: Electronics Weekly

A key improvement is within the silicon photo-multiplier (SiPM) light receiving integrated circuits which have light-receiving cells controlled by transistors. The new chips have smaller transistor modules, replace buffer layers protecting the transistors with newly-developed insulating trenches between the transistors […]

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Toshiba begins joint venture with TeknoDome to unveil audio products in India

November 5, 2018

Via: Manufacturing Global

With a forecast of $1bn by 2020, the firm has brought out products such as a gaming headset, portable speakers, sound bars, portable CD players, packet radios and wired and wireless headphones. The joint venture with TeknoDome has seen the […]

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Taiwan’s Foxconn ‘definitely bidding’ for Toshiba chip business

March 1, 2017

Via: Reuters

Taiwan’s Foxconn (2317.TW), the world’s largest contract electronics maker, is “definitely bidding” for the chip business of Japan’s Toshiba Corp (6502.T) and is “very confident” it can buy into it, company founder Terry Gou said on Wednesday. Gou was speaking […]